Cybersecurity and the cloud

Many businesses and organisations have been cautious about shifting some or all of their software and IT infrastructure to the cloud because of concerns regarding cybersecurity. The loss of direct control about how services are provided can be worrying, particularly as under regulations such as GDPR you still are accountable when things go wrong.

Cyber security is always challenging, but many smaller organisations find that shifting their services to reputable cloud services providers has actually improved their cyber security. The loss of control is outweighed by the fact that the large cloud vendors have the technical expertise and resources to
allow them to invest heavily in ensuring they and their customers are safe.

They key to staying safe it the cloud is to be diligent – do your research to ensure that prospective cloud providers, whether they are providing a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), or Platform or Infrastructure-as-a-Service solutions, have the skills and resources to keep your data and
information safe.

Below are 7 actions you can take to make to be sure your organisation is cyber-secure when using cloud services: