What you need to know about cyber threats to your business [Infographic]

Cybercrime is a growing business – and a major threat

Cloud providers live and die by how secure they can be, and the right provider will look after your security for you – that means you spend less time worrying about security and focusing more on core activities.

Ransomware alone now costs small and medium companies at least $75 billion in expenses and lost productivity each year -Datto-

Despite this, many businesses are still underprepared

Whether it’s relying on out-of-date approaches to security, or not having a clear security strategy, a surprising number of businesses are not prepared to defend against cyber threats.

Only 56% have an overall information security strategy – PWC –

Is your software exposing you to threats?

Malware is the costliest form of attack – and it’s closely linked to unlicensed software. There is a strong and consistent correlation between unlicensed software use and malware encounters.

Dealing with malware…can now cost a company more than $10,000 per infected computer – BSA –

Watch out for malware, phishing and stolen devices as an SME

Smaller businesses experience a higher proportion of cybercrime costs relating to malware, Web-based attacks, phishing and social engineering attacks and stolen
devices – Accenture –

Your staff can be your best defence – or your biggest weakness

Training your staff on cyber security, having clear policies on acquiring IT and providing the right software for your employees to do their jobs can ensure you aren’t exposed to major threats.

A lack of employee awareness and ineffective processes are perceived as the key cyber risks
– Willis Towers Watson –

*Around the world, there is a strong and consistent correlation (r = 0.79) between unlicensed software use and malware encounters – IDC White Paper, sponsored by BSA, “Unlicensed Software and Cybersecurity Threats,” January 2018