Software – we all use it in today’s digital era, but how many of us are really getting the most out of it? This site has been designed to give small and medium-sized businesses, like yours, the tools and understanding to digitally transform and better manage your software.

It’s the place to discover whether cloud computing is right for you, what you need to be aware of when choosing licenses, the role of software in maintaining cyber resilience, and much more.

It’s been brought to you by Verafirm, an initiative by BSA, to provide small and medium businesses with information and educational tools and resources for Software Asset Management, cloud technology, digital transformation and cyber resilience. Verafirm is the educational arm of BSA | The Software Alliance, the leading advocate for the global software industry.

The Verafirm online portal is a resource for SMBs that helps them understand how software asset management and could technology can help their organisation grow and succeed. The portal also offers advice and support on cybersecurity to help SMBs understand how best to enhance the security of their environments.

For more information, visit bsa.org, or get in touch with us.